Health of the Ragdoll

They are a healthy breed. In the past, Ragdolls were occasionally affected with a genetic heart disease called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Often times, the signs of the disease did not become apparent until after the cat had started breeding and passing on the propensity for the disease. Today, there is a DNA test to check for this deadly disease. Reputable breeders are able to check their breeding animals prior to breeding so the disease is not nearly as prominent as it once was.


Ragdolls are a large and well-muscled breed with males reaching 15-20 pounds and females reaching 9-15 pounds. Their coat is medium long and bunny-soft. They lack an undercoat so many do not mat and no not need regular brushing, although they may like an occasional combing. I do not recommend that Ragdolls ever be shaved as they don’t typically need it and it can forever alter their glorious coat.