History of the Ragdoll

Ragdolls were originally developed in the 1960’s by American breeder Ann Baker.  She developed the breed from a stray cat named Josephine that had very endearing characteristics.  They received their name because when held, they would go limp like a rag doll.  They also supposedly have a high tolerance for pain.  In 1975 the Daytons developed the RFCI (Ragdolls Fancier Club International).  It was this group that developed the standard for the Ragdolls we have today.  In 1979 the Ragdolls were accepted into TICA (The International Cat Association.)

Today there as some breeders that follow Ann Bakers line of cats which include minks, sepias and solid cats.  Minks and Sepia do not have blue eyes, but rather aqua or teal colored eyes.  There are blue eyed solids that are not pointed.  Another group follows the cats developed by the Daytons which insists the cats are pointed and with blue eyes.  These are the cats we recognize as Ragdolls today and the cats that I breed.