Temperament of the Ragdoll

It has been said that Ragdolls are very dog-like and it is true. They will greet you at the door, follow you around from room to room, love their belly being rubbed and some will even fetch their favorite toy for you.  Ragdolls are a sweet docile breed.  They prefer to be lying by your feet rather than jumping up on your furniture looking to explore.  They are wonderful with children, other cats and even your canine companion.


Ragdolls are purely an indoor cat. Because of their docile and somewhat lazy demeanor, they do not do well with the hazards of outdoor life. Their coat is also prone to pick up leaves and burrs. Cats are one-time learners. Meaning it only takes once for them to learn something and continue it for a life time. As such, I do not recommend ever taking your Ragdoll outside, even on a harness. I do, however, recommend a window perch or even enclosed outdoor “catio” where they can soak up the sun or chatter at the birds while remaining safe