Our Kitten Contract

Conditions of Sale

Picking up your kitten:

Kittens are available to go to their new homes at or after 12 weeks of age. A kitten has a lot to learn in a relatively short period of time before going home with you. During this time, your kitten will learn how to use a litter box, eat canned and dry food, learn how to play, learn some independence and learn how to bond to people. Sending a kitten to its new home prior to 12 weeks is not only doing the kitten an injustice but also to you as its new owner.

As the 12th week approaches, you will be given an appointment time to pick up your kitten. We will send you a copy of your purchase agreement. Please print off two copies and sign them prior to arriving. It is imperative that you bring a kitten carrier with you. It is not safe for you to take your kitten outside or in your car without being confined to a carrier. If no carrier is provided, your kitten will not be allowed to leave.