Why We’re Different

So, you’re considering a Ragdoll kitten but aren’t sure yet which breeder to work with or where to get your kitten from.

Should you price shop?  Should you buy local or ship a kitten?  What are you looking for in a kitten?  Here are some things to consider…

  1. Consider picking a breeder to work with first and then a kitten subsequent to that.  Finding a good breeder is like finding a good realtor or financial investor.  You will likely have a relationship with your breeder for weeks to months to years.  You need to find someone you like, trust and respect above all.  So how do you find this breeder?  Ask your friends, search the internet, search on TICA.  Then talk to them.  Send a message and give them a bunch of information about yourself.  Then schedule a phone conversation or Video call and see if it’s a good fit.  Once you find one you like, you will then find the perfect kitten.
  2. Consider your absolute maximum budget for a kitten or two. In the kitten world, the old adage you get what you pay for is generally true.  Stay away from rock bottom prices as they are likely unregistered, ill repute backyard breeders and the kitten you get may not be purebred, healthy or with the characteristics you are searching for. 
  3. Traveling is stressful for a kitten. Consider buying locally, if at all possible, to reduce the stress.  You may also want to consider buying locally so that you can meet the kitten and the breeder at pick up.  I’ve heard too many horror stories of people going to the airport to pick up their beloved pet only to find that its not what they were expecting or appears sick.

Consider going in with little to no requirements in terms of gender, color or pattern.  Work with your breeder on finding the right kitten for you from what they have available.

So why buy a kitten from Oh My Stars Ragdolls?  What makes us special?  

  1. Probably 99% of the breeders out there love their cats and animals in general. Of course, you want to find a breeder who shares the love you have.  I took that love of animals a step further by becoming a veterinarian.  I spent 3 years after college getting my prerequisites and applying to vet school before even being accepted.  I then spent 4 years studying to become a veterinarian.  These were not easy years!  I practiced 3 years at a small practice in Sammamish Washington and then moved to Tacoma and worked 21 years at a practice there.  I know what it means to struggle for a passion, what it means to be dedicated to a cause and to love and care for the animals in my charge.  When I discovered Ragdolls, it was natural to pour my love and knowledge of animals and animal husbandry into breeding.
  2. One of the biggest reasons people come to Ragdolls is for their temperament. We are looking for those kitties to warm your feet, follow you around the house, purr loudly in your ear and melt into your arms as you hold them.  Studies have shown that one reason humans are so drawn to cats is because they about the size of a human baby.  It’s true.  Temperament is hugely a factor of genetics and it’s something we breed for here at Oh My Stars.  Health and Temperament are paramount to anything else.  But the other factor is conditioning and raising of the kittens.  It was recommended to me by my mentor that I consider breeding for two main reasons.  The first was my veterinary degree but also the fact that I have two small children who could help me socialize these beautiful kittens.  Raising these kittens is a family matter.  My kids adore these babies and can’t keep their hands off of them.
  3. From the time the kittens are born they are handled so they learn to trust the human hand. They are played with and loved on.  Once they are litter box trained, they live in the house with the family just like a pet.  They learn to snuggle with humans and rely on humans for their care but also their social needs.  More so than any other breed of cat I know, the Ragdoll is extremely social. 
  4. A good deal of breeders just allow buyers to pick their kittens from a list of pictures. To us that feels very superficial and does not make for the best relationships.  What makes us different here at Oh My Stars is that we consider ourselves to be kitten/human matchmakers.  We believe that what makes the best relationship between owner and pet is the personality of human and feline.  We take into consideration your living situation, your lifestyle and your desires and match kittens we feel would best suit all those considerations.  Sure gender, color and pattern are nice but they are just the wrapping on the package.  What really counts is the personality underneath.  No one knows these kittens better than we do and we make it a priority to give you the best relationship with your furry friend.  Do not expect a meet and greet where you sit on the floor and play with the kittens until one pops out at you.  My experience is that this is just stressful to you and to the kittens.  You will worry you are picking the  “best one” and will second guess your decision for weeks.  Kittens are like people in that they have good and bad days or high energy or low energy days.  Observing a kitten on any given day does not give you a true representation of that kitten as a whole. I implore you to trust us to match you with your perfect furr baby.  It is something we consider ourselves very good at.
  5. Lastly, we here at Oh My Stars Ragdolls hope to establish a lifelong relationship with you as the new stewards to our kittens. The relationship we have does not end the minute you walk out the door.  We are here for advice, support and friendship each step along the way.  That is one of the things I have loved most about being a veterinarian, the relationships I establish with my clients and it is true in my cattery as well.