Our Kings


CH Blossom Beau Brummel of OhMyStars


Sire:IW SGC Juliannedolls Trevor Oak of Blossom
Dam: Blossom Wildflower Sunshine
Color/Pattern: Blue Bicolor
Blood Type: A/b
Genetic Test: Negative for HCM and PkD

Beau came to us from the amazing cattery of Blossom Ragdolls in Texas.  His Sire has won all sorts of awards and titles including Supreme Grand Champion, International Award Winner and Lifetime Achievement Award.  We are excited to have him!  He is exceptionally sweet and social and very goofy!  He loves to be carried around and is a very skilled “fetcher!”  His kittens share that big head of his and his loving mellow temperament!


TGC Adorabledolls Top Gun of Of My Stars


Sire: AdorableDolls Beautiful Brooklyn

Dam: AdorableDolls Royal Justice

Color/Pattern: Seal Mitted (carrying dilute)

Blood Type: A/A

Genetic Test: Negative for HCM and PkD

Maverick came to us from the amazing cattery of Adorabledolls in California.   He’s confident and feisty and very cuddly.  He’s the epitomy of the floppy laid back Ragdoll  He’s enormous and we are excited for what he brings to our cattery


CH Oh My Stars All Shook Up


Sire: Blossom Beau Brummel of Oh My Stars
Dam: Oh My Stars Nebula
Color/Pattern: Seal Bicolor (carrying dilute and chocolate)
Blood Type: A/A
Genetic test:Negative for HCM and PkD

Presley is our first “homegrown” Championship cat!  We are so proud of him.  He is absolutely sweet and social and snuggly with the softest bunny coat.  He’s silly and playful and loves his knitted hamburger toy!