Our Queens

Longfellow Bumbles Bounce of Oh My Stars

Bumble is a super sweet girl.  She gets along with everybody and LOVES to have her belly rubbed!  She gets her name because she’s a fabulous leaper after her favorite toys and seems to defy gravity!

Longfellow Bumbles Bounce.

Bumble is a Blue Mitted.  She carries Lilac.



Longfellow Princess Luna of Oh My Stars

Luna is the Queen bee!  She is not afraid to put the other kitties in their place if they step out of line.  She is very loving and quiet.  She loves her treats and will sit patiently looking at you until you oblige her.  She’s an amazing Mama and super attentive to her babies.

Longfellow Princess Luna

Luna is a Chocolate Mitted Lynx.  She carries Lilac.



Oh My Stars Nebula

Nebula is daughter to Luna and is our funny and goofy girl!  She is very vocal with all sorts of cute chirps and mews.  She will squeeze herself into boxes that are way too small for her. Her motto is  “If I fits, I sits!”  She’s super soft like a bunny and loves to sit in your arms like a puma in a tree!

Nebula is a Chocolate Mitted.  She carries Lilac.