Available Kittens

Yay!!!  We are expecting a couple litters!

Longfellow Princess Luna

Oberon and Luna are expecting a litter early February.  These kittens will be Lilac and Chocolate.  Lynx is possible and kittens may be colorpoint, mitted or bicolor.  They will be available to go to their forever homes after May 1st.


Longfellow Bumbles Bounce.

Oberon and Bumble are expecting a litter in mid March.  These kittens will be Blue or Lilac in Colorpoint, mitted or bicolor patterns.  They will available to go to their forever homes after June 2nd.

Kitten Selection Process

Our process here for matching you with your perfect kitten is fairly simple.  To reserve a kitten, we start with a simple questionnaire and short conversation via phone or text.  Secondly we ask for a 20% kitten holding fee.  This fee is non refundable but  transferable if the current litter does not have what you are looking for.


We first assign kittens based on gender requested.  Secondly we try to match kittens with your personality preference. This makes for the best relationship for both humans and felines.  Thirdly, if we have several kittens that fit your preferences, we allow you to pick based on color and look.  We allow these picks based on the order of the holding fee received.  


Please understand that the more particular you are in terms of gender, color and pattern, the longer it could take you to find the your kitten.  The most important thing for finding a lifelong happy relationship is personality!



In our cattery, the most important thing is breed standard.  We strive to select the best cats in terms of what matches the current breed standard.  Second to that, I like to keep cats that offer the most diversity in terms of color and pattern.  However, the genetics of Ragdoll color and pattern is a complicated and fickle thing.  It is not always possible to produce a given color and pattern.  If you are particular in these things, it may mean waiting for future litters or I may refer you to a colleague that has the genetics you are looking for.