Available Kittens

Kitten Selection Process

Ragdolls arent Pizza
You cant just order one

Our process here for matching you with your perfect kitten is fairly simple.  To reserve a kitten, we start with a simple questionnaire and short conversation via phone or text.  Secondly we ask for a $500 kitten holding fee.  This fee is non refundable but  transferable if the current litter does not have what you are looking for.  We accept deposits via Venmo or Paypal friends and family.


We offer kittens based on the order deposits are received.  We try our best to match kittens on requests for particular matings, gender, color, pattern and personality.  Our goal at Oh My Stars Ragdolls is to provide the best life-long relationship between you and your kitten.  To achieve that goal, personality is paramount in matching a kitten.  The gender, color and pattern are but wrappings on the package.  We will try our best to match you with the appropriate kitten based on your lifestyle and family situation and your requests.  If the right fit isn’t found in the current litter, you will need to wait until a future litter.


Please understand that the more particular you are in terms of gender, color and pattern, the longer it could take you to find the your kitten.  The most important thing for finding a lifelong happy relationship is personality!


In our cattery, breed standard is critical, both in physicality as well as personality.  We strive to select the best cats in terms of what matches the current breed standard.  Second to that, I like to keep cats that offer the most diversity in terms of color and pattern.  However, the genetics of Ragdoll color and pattern is a complicated and fickle thing.  It is not always possible to produce a given color and pattern.  If you are particular in these things, it may mean waiting for future litters or I may refer you to a colleague that has the genetics you are looking for.


Ragdolls are very social animals!  They love to be with their human family or even other dogs and especially litter mates.  We strongly recommend considering getting 2 or more litter mates at a time whenever feasible.   



Current and Future Planned Breedings

Luna and Oberon

We are excited to welcome a litter from these two in late August. We are expecting chocolates and lilacs with colorpoint, mitted and bicolor patterns in lynx and non lynx.  These kittens would be available to go home in November.

Longfellow Princess Luna
Longfellow Princess Luna

Bumble and Oberon

We are excited to welcome a litter from these two in mid September.  These kittens will be blue and lilac in colorpoint, mitted and bicolor patterns.  These kittens would be available to go home in mid December

Longfellow Bumbles Bounce.

Wishes and Oberon

We are excited to welcome a litter from these two in late September.  This will be Wishes first litter.  These kittens will be seal and blue in colorpoint and mitted patterns.  The kittens would be available to go home in late December


Bumble and Oberon

Longfellow Bumbles Bounce.